High-Quality Calcium Silicon Cored Wire Shipped to Vietnam

2024-04-02 16:37:58

We are delighted to share an exciting update about our latest shipment. Our team has successfully packed and dispatched a consignment of calcium silicon cored wire, bound for Vietnam.

Calcium Silicon Cored Wire Chemical:
Ca 30%, Si 60%, P 0.06%max, C 1.0% max, Fe 4.0%max
Dia: 13±0.5mm ID: 600-650mm OD: 1100-1150mm
Powder Weight: 225 ±10g/m Sheath Thickness: 0.4±0.8mm
Wire Length: 5100m Coil Weight: 1990kg

Wire Winding: vertical coils in steel cages on steel pallets.

calcium silicon cored wire calcium silicon cored wire

Calcium silicon cored wire is widely used in the steelmaking industry for its excellent deoxidizing and desulfurizing properties. it can greatly improve the yield of the alloy, reduce the smelting cost, shorten the smelting time and precisely control the composition.

We look forward to the successful arrival of our shipment in Vietnam and the continuation of our fruitful business partnerships in the region.

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