Calcium Silicon Cored Wire (CaSi Wire)

2023-11-14 16:25:44

Calcium Silicon Cored Wire Introduction

Calcium silicon cored wire ( CaSi wire) plays a crucial role in purifying molten steel and altering the properties and forms of some inclusions, thereby enhancing steel quality and improving casting conditions. Once introduced into the steel, it enhances its mechanical properties to a certain extent, making it more convenient for various applications. This wire reduces temperature loss and boosts steel production efficiency.

  • calcium silicon cored wire
  • calcium silicon cored wire
  • calcium silicon cored wire


What is calcium silicon cored wire?


Calcium silicon cored wire is a type of alloy cored wire used in the steelmaking process to introduce specific alloying elements into molten metal. It consists of a steel wire sheath filled with a mixture of calcium and silicon powders or granules.

Core Material: The core of the wire typically contains a blend of calcium and silicon in specific proportions.
Sheath Material: The core material is encased within a steel sheath, which acts as a protective covering.

Purpose and Application:
Deoxidation: It is primarily used for deoxidation purposes in steelmaking. The calcium and silicon react with oxygen and other impurities in the molten metal, reducing them and improving the steel’s cleanliness.
Desulfurization: Calcium silicon cored wire can also aid in desulfurization by binding with sulfur to form slag, thus reducing the sulfur content in the steel.
Alloying: Additionally, it can serve as an alloying agent, introducing specific elements like calcium and silicon into the steel to enhance its properties, such as strength and corrosion resistance.


Calcium Silicon Cored Wire Production Process:


The production involves filling a steel wire sheath with a mixture of calcium and silicon powders or granules. This filled wire is then coated or encapsulated to prevent oxidation and maintain the integrity of the alloy.
After production, the cored wire undergoes quality checks to ensure the correct composition, wire diameter, and overall quality before being packaged for distribution and use in steelmaking facilities.

  • calcium silicon cored wire production
  • calcium silicon cored wire production
  • calcium silicon cored wire packing

Precision: Allows for precise control of alloy addition, ensuring consistent and controlled composition in the steel.
Efficiency: Enhances the efficiency of deoxidation and desulfurization processes, leading to improved steel quality and reduced impurities.
Ease of Use: Convenient to handle and apply in steelmaking operations due to its encapsulated form.


Calcium Silicon Cored Wire Specification





Sheath thickness


Powder weight


CaSi Wire

Si 50-60%

Ca 28-30%





Cored Wire technical data:


(1) Wire diameter: 13-13.5mm.(2) Thickness of the steel: 0.4mm±0.05mm.(3) Powder weight: 220g/m ±10g/m.
(4) Wire length: 5000-5500m.(5) Coil weight: 1000-2000kg. (6)ID: 600mm.       OD: 1100mm.
(7) Coil height: 800-1200mm(8) Wire winding: horizontal or vertical.(9) Packing: in steel cages covered with plastic.


Calcium silicon cored wire is a critical component in the steel industry, offering a reliable and efficient method for introducing specific alloying elements and improving the quality of steel during the production process.

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