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hot products

Alloy Cored Wire

CaSi Wire | CaFe Wire | Carbon Wire | FeTi Wire | ReSiMg Wire | Pure Ca Wire | FeS Wire

Calcium Silicon

Ca30 Si60 | Ca30 Si58 | CaSi Powder - Ca28-30% Si50-60% | Third Party Inspection

Ferro Silicon

Provide FeSi 72% | FeSi 75% | FeSi 70% | FeSi Powder | Factory & Manufacturer

Silicon Metal

Silicon Metal 553 / 441 / 421 / 3303 / 2202 / 1101, Customized According to Your Needs

High Carbon Silicon

HC silicon 6818/6515, various grade for choice, Materials for Steelmaking

Silicon Manganese

SiMn-6517 /6014, silicon manganese is used as a deoxidizer and an alloying element in stee.


Henan Tieyao

Henan Tieyao Trading Co., Ltd.

Located in the ancient capital of Anyang , Henan Tieyao Trading Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of different kinds of ferro alloys, establishing in 2005.
Covering an area of 25000㎡,there are four intermediate frequency electric furnaces, four alloy cored wire production lines and one set of crushing equipment in the factory.

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  • 18 years production experience

  • Our Strict Quality Control Process

  • Global Ferroalloys Solutions

company case

company case

What Our Clients Say

  • "We've been sourcing our key metallurgical material from this factory for years. Their consistency in quality and reliable delivery have been essential to our steelmaking process. Their team's technical expertise and customer-centric approach make them our preferred partner."

    John Smith

  • "Partnering with this Ferroalloy factory has been a game-changer for our casting operations. Their tailor-made alloy solutions have improved our casting quality and efficiency. Their dedication to understanding our unique needs sets them apart in the industry."

    Robert J

  • "Operating on a global scale demands reliable partners who can deliver quality products across borders. This Ferroalloy factory has demonstrated time and again their ability to meet our demands and exceed our expectations. Their expertise and reliability have made them an indispensable part of our supply chain."

    Emily B

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