Recarburizer (Graphitized Petroleum Coke) Shipment Update

2024-03-06 16:50:00

We are pleased to announce that a shipment of  Recarburizer (graphitized petroleum coke) is currently underway. This latest consignment marks a significant milestone in our commitment to fulfilling our customer’s needs and maintaining the reliability of our supply chain.

Our team has been working diligently to ensure the smooth dispatch of this consignment. From the careful packaging to the meticulous planning of the logistics, every step has been executed with precision and efficiency.

We would like to thank our customers for their trust and support. This shipment is a testament to our dedication to providing high-quality products and dependable services.

We remain committed to meeting all our shipping deadlines and ensuring the timely delivery of oil coke and other products to our customers worldwide.

For any further information or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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